The Melanoma Book

Title: The Melanoma Book: A Complete Guide to Prevention and Treatment, Including the Early Detection Self-Exam Body Map
Author: Howard Kaufmann, MD, a Surgical Oncologist and Immunotherapy specialist, currently Director of the Cancer Center at Rush University in Chicago
Publication Date: 2005; appears to be out of print. Product Description:

The fastest rising form of cancer worldwide, melanoma can strike at any age. Although rates of cure are higher than they used to be, experts often disagree about the best course of treatment and patients face a bewildering array of possibilities—often with precious little time to choose. Drawing on his years as one of the nation’s foremost researchers and specialists in the field of melanoma treatment, Dr. Howard L. Kaufman shares his easy- to-follow, whole-life plan for detecting melanoma early, making informed decisions after a diagnosis, and taking an active role in treatment.

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