Dx/Rx Melanoma

Title: Dx/Rx Melanoma (part of the Dx/Rx Oncology Series)
Author: Dr. Richard Carvajal, one of the melanoma specialty medical oncologists at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Publication Date: April, 2010

Product Description from Amazon.com:

Written By A Medical Oncologist, Dx/Rx Melanoma Is Ideal For Medical Trainees, General Practitioners, Dermatologists, And Medical Oncologists. This Handy, Pocket-Sized Book Provides Comprehensive, Up-To-Date Information On The Epidemiology, Prevention, And Management Of Melanoma Of All Stages. It Includes An In-Depth Discussion Of Systemic Treatment Options In Both The Adjuvant And Metastatic Setting, As Well As, A Look At Novel Treatment Options. Presented In A Concise, Easy-To-Read Format, This Is An Essential Reference For On The Ward Or In The Clinic! Key Features Include: Written By A Medical Oncologist With A Thorough Discussion Of Systemic Therapy Of Melanoma In-Depth Look At Novel Treatments Being Developed For Advanced Melanoma, Including A Discussion Of All Major Recent Studies Discussion Of The Molecular Biology Of Melanoma And The Treatment Implications.

I have discussed this book with Dr. Carvajal. He states that the target audience for this handbook are medical oncology fellows and medical residents, or any other physicians who wish to learn more about melanoma. He feels that his book is very data-intense and scientifically accurate. As such, it is probably only appropriate for non-physicians who are scientifically oriented and want the complete scientific background and analysis of melanoma care. Published in 2010, it is very up to date on melanoma care. (Commentary by Dr. Eric Whitman, Senior Editor, TheMelanomaCenter.com)

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