About TheMelanomaCenter.com

TheMelanomaCenter.com is produced and published by Clayton Surgical Services, LLC, a privately held medical information and technology consulting company.

The original idea for TheMelanomaCenter.com began over ten years ago, and the URL was reserved at that time. As the web has grown and acquired new modes of expression (in 1999, had any of us conceived of social networks or tweeting to complete strangers about our breakfast?), so too has the original concept of TheMelanomaCenter.com grown far beyond its initial desire to present survival data and clinical trial opportunities.

Who is TheMelanomaCenter.com for? We believe patients, their family and friends will get the most out of this site and its information/links. Our posts, pages and special features are created primarily for an audience of people with melanoma (or who know someone with melanoma), who want to learn about this cancer and find the resources and resolve to fight it as best they can. This site is thus written with non-medical people in mind, with medical language and jargon intentionally minimized. Unfortunately, medical science cannot always be explained on a very elementary level, and we realize that some parts of the site may necessarily be written at a fairly high level of complexity.

Finally, we hope and suspect that some of the readers of this site are medical people. Our editors assure us that most physicians are ignorant to anything beyond the most basic facts about melanoma. Oncologists and surgeons are slightly better but the community of truly knowledgeable and experienced melanoma clinicians is remarkably small worldwide. Hopefully, physicians and nurses who come to TheMelanomaCenter.com find it a valuable resource.

We value your comments and suggestions. Please leave comments on the site, or email them to TMC@claytonsurgical.com.

Thank you,

Bobby Clarke



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